Get ready for the new term

With just a few weeks until school starts for the new term, and we think about starting a new class or group, here is a quick guide to what’s on at the Agape Centre during the week. New members to classes are always welcome and we do encourage you to get in touch with the class tutor’s to find out more.

Monday                       Time                   Contact                       Tel:

Maths Tuition               5.00-6.30pm       Jim Digney                 07760 465924 (9 & 10 yr old)

Pilates for over 60’s     11-12 Noon         Gwyneth Hinds         07715 353799

Puppy Class                7-8pm                 Robin                  

Adult dog Obedience   8-9pm                 Robin      

Tuesday                      Time                   Contact                       Tel:

Suzuki babies & Toddlers    10.00-11.00am   Kerry Cassidy          07709 495255   

‘Drop-In’ Coffee           10.30-12Noon    Agape Centre            028 9066 2560

Karate                          7.00-8.30pm       Menik Glynn               07788 971 597

Wednesday                Time                   Contact                       Tel:  

Cameo Lunch Club      12.30pm-2pm    Agape Centre           028 9066 2560

Tae Kwon Do               6.00-7.00pm       Gareth McCullagh 07989 415023.

Pilates class                 6.30-8.30pm       Gwyneth Hinds         07715 353799

Thursday                    Time                   Contact                       Tel:

In Stitches (Monthly)    11.00-1.00pm     Agape Centre         028 9066 2560 (2nd Thurs of each month)

Gracenotes Piano        2.30pm-4.30pm  Regina Petersen

Slimming World           5.30-9.00pm       Desie Hughes             07712 710186 (2 classes)

Friday                          Time                   Contact                       Tel

Class space available – get in touch to find out more

Saturday                     Time                   Contact                       Tel:  

Karate                          10.00-11.30am   Menik Glynn                07788 971 597

AQE Revision              10.00-12.00pm  Ciaran McCaffrey 07834 585777

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